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Nataliya Nova
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Fashion, Art, Craftsmanship, Travel are the fields of ongoing innovation and creative expression. American brand Nataliya Nova Luxury Accessories repeatedly turns to aesthetic to imbue their creations with this flair of artistic freedom, giving way to sensational philosophy.

Accessories line includes hand-waved summer hats, silk scarves inspired by art, hand-stitched silk head-bands, silk crunches, hand-knitted cashmere hats, gloves, lounge cashmere socks.

Natalya Nova Luxury Accessories brand become recognized after collaborations with Harper’s Bazaar and #1 celebrity magazine In Ukraine – VIVA.

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Nataliya Nova + Harper's Bazaar

Designer Nataliya Nova together with Anna Zemskova, editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar UA, announcing collaboration of silk scarves capsule collection.


VIVA Collection

Symbolism and elegance in hand-knitted hats capsule collection Nataliya Nova Luxury Design + VIVA, #1 celebrities magazine in Ukraine.

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