Nataliya Nova

Fashion Designer

After dedicating ten years to the media business for Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar in Ukraine, Nataliya moved to New York City where she transformed her career to fashion design. Growing up in Ukraine, Nataliya was immersed in a culture of handcrafted knitwear. The art of knitting has been passed down from generation to generation. Many women continue to perfect this skill throughout their lives, and become true artists and masters of handcrafted knitwear. Nataliya conceived of the idea for a brand that would share this knitwear with a wider audience. Launched as a knitwear collection, brand expanded into other accessories’ categories.

Nataliya Nova has taken up the task of introducing the unknown Ukraine to the world through fashion and knitwear in particular. When creating her personal brand, Nataliya wanted it to serve as an embodiment of Ukraine’s ancient craft traditions adapted to the modern realities of the fashion world. She has made it her purpose to popularize Ukrainian traditions and culture not only be creating stylish clothing from the materials of impeccable quality, infused with the ever-evolving spirit of Ukraine, but also by establishing close cooperation with both renowned and fledgling artists, designers, and handicraftsmen to help them become more recognizable and earn their living by doing what they love most: designing, knitting, and making the world a bit more Ukrainian.

Mon – Friday 10-5pm