Nataliya Nova Luxury Accessories’s goal is to create a safe environment for its employees, with a respectful and dignified attitude without harassment, where everyone has equal rights, opportunities, and conditions to contribute.

The purpose of this policy is to enable Nataliya Nova Luxury Accessories to ensure compliance with the obligations set out in the Human Rights Code (“Code”) and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Its creation and implementation should avert any harassment, including sexual, in the workplace.

This policy is a tool to inform all employees and partners about the inadmissibility of harassment in the workplace. Following this, such actions are not permissible in the organization. They do not meet its standards and are considered a violation of the law.

The document contains a description of inappropriate behavior in the workplace, which can be considered intolerant and offensive.

The policy represents the process that the organization will abide by in addressing complaints of workplace harassment from partners or employees of Nataliya Nova Luxury Accessories.


All Nataliya Nova Luxury Accessories units, without exception, must adhere to this policy. All employees (regardless of type: full, part-time, temporary, probationary, temporary, and contract headquarters) and students are under its impact. Policy compliance must be carried out at and outside of all physical offices of Nataliya Nova Luxury Accessories. For instance, it can be an offsite meeting with clients, business travel, company-organized events, and electronic communications.

Prohibited conduct

Harassment in the workplace is not acceptable from any individual, including colleagues, partners, clients, other employers, superiors, and members of the public.

Any representative of the interested party involved in the harassment may be subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal.




The main focus of the child labor policy for the company and all its subsidiaries, as well as all related units, is to protect the interests of minors and comply with relevant legislation.

Various types of child labor laws, such as international, local, and federal, have become much harder today than in the past. Despite this, working conditions for minors leave much to be desired. Moreover, this situation does not always depend on the level of development of the country.

The organization has chosen a clear course of business for itself. It is about making the activity beneficial to society and the environment. Methods of achieving goals will be in accordance with laws and ethics. It is important for the company to do its part in ending the use of child labor and do everything possible to ensure that children are not used in the work of the organization.


This policy was based on and follows the principles of The International Labor Organization (ILO) and the U.N Convention on the Rights of the Child. It must be observed equally by all divisions of the company, its employees, and partners, without the exception of suppliers, marketers, and contractors.

The legal side of compliance involves using a stricter form of law when it comes to considering state, federal, local, or international wording. The company also requires its partners, suppliers, and marketers to recognize children’s rights and comply with stricter labor laws. At the same time, they should do the above for their employees, partners, interested parties, etc.

The use of the term “children” in this policy means people under the age of 18, and the term “young children” means people under the age of 14.

The term “child labor” is the work that influences their educational process, potential, and dignity. Such activities have a negative impact on their mental, physical, and social well-being and take away their childhood.

Policy elements

Young Children

The organization refuses to hire anyone under 15 years of age. This is due to the fact that the company does not want to influence the health, education, and free time of young children, that is, those who are under 14 years old. This rule also applies to subsidiaries, regardless of the country where they are located.

The company also refuses to cooperate with units in which persons under the age of 15 work and reserves the right to terminate the cooperation without penalty if the interested party does not comply with this position.

Children’s well-being depends on everyone!

The company believes that the prosperous future of children is everyone’s business, and therefore, it strongly recommends all partners and employees to adhere to this policy. With this, the organization wants to not only achieve business growth but also succeed in the development of society as a whole.