MILA  – Classic Hand-Woven Fedora Sun Hat – Red


The ‘Mila’ features an artfully pinched crown that gives a sense of elegance. Skilfully hand-woven by Ecuadorian artisans, this tightly-woven red Toquilla straw hat is sure to complement any outfit. The addition of an internal adjustable belt also guarantees you a secure fit. Every Hat comes with a styling kit which includes a signature pin, clear tape to fix a decorative ribbon, and a mini velvet bag to store it.

  • Hand-Made by Local Artisans
  • 100% Natural Toquilla straw
  • Brim: 2.36”-2.76″ (6-7 SM)
  • Made in Ecuador
  • Adjustable belt at the base inside the hat
  • Spot Clean
  • Styling Kit: pin + clear tape + velvet mini bag to store silk ribbon or brooch








The ‘Mila’ features a pinched crown detail. Crafted in Ecuador, this tightly-woven yet breathable red-coloured Toquilla straw hat comes with an adjustable band inside for a comfortable fit.


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