PUZZLE Silk Scarf


Limited edition. The waves of life carry us away from dusk to dawn, from blue devils and desperation to a new hope. People, voices, places, and images are flashing in them. Some things we want to remember forever, while others we wish to forget and never recall again.

No matter how the horizon is black now, even if the darkness is all around, we know for sure that the Sun will rise again. Nothing can change that.

The picture of this silk scarf shows all the colors of the sunrise and storm. Its owner takes every new day as a gift, so the future reveals for her its brightest sides. Being inspired, open, and grateful, she generously shares her inner light with other people.

Each product from Nataliya Nova collection comes with complimentary gift packaging, enjoy it!

  • 35.4″W x 35.4″L  (90×90 sm).
  • 100% Silk Twill.
  • 100% Hand rolled.
  • May be styled multiple ways.
  • Made in Europe (UA).
  • Dry clean.

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The abstract geometry of this scarf combines passion and gentleness, dynamics and statics, a smoothly running time and sudden changes.

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Emerald-Blue, Pink P, Pink-Grey P


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